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Monsters in the Closet Slot Machine

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Monsters in the Closet Slot Machine Monsters in the Closet Slots Payout

Monsters in the Closet Slot Machine Intro

Under the reign of the total darkness… Every mere mortal is cast into a quiet and deep sleep. Not to find out the seamy and CREEPY side of life by mistake. But having a late night even once, you may be at the tip of the spear and fall the gambling prey at Monsters in the Closet slot machine.

Catch sight of 50 gloomy paylines that hide so many intimidating Microgaming creatures. Ready to sneak up to you and say: BOO! Gosh! Are you about to cross yourself? Yeah, that’s right! As they’ll easily scare you to… Deathful winnings including the highest bone-chilling jackpot of $20,000 and the Destination Bonus with the Scary Slam Bonus!

Taking the refuge behind the inconspicuous 5 reel doors, they keep silent for some time. However, when they get bored there… The boogie-men will raise the devil at the Monster Closet Bonus and force you to prick up your ears. Surely, unaware and alarmed… You’ll want to look for the noise makers by any means.

Well, you should know one thing though! The moment you come up to this place and step across the threshold… There is no turning back! You are ABSOLUTELY in the grasp of the ugly fiends reaching out for you. So, will they swallow you up without choking? Or can you catch their fancy and gain 12 Free Spins along with the scatter prize of $100,000?

Hm… Does the curiosity prevail over the fear eventually? So, there is nothing else left for you to do but enter and… Grope your way through the spinning cobweb that covers the numerous Monsters in the Closet Logos. Representing the wild symbols, these Logos take place of any other frightful images except the scatter and bonus symbols.

Even if you go weak at the knees, don’t stop! Just gather your pace up to the maximum one with the largest bet of $500 and… You may get a hair-raising chance to come across 5 Monsters in the Closet Logos at once! In this case, you win the most ghastly jackpot of 2,000 coins. In the turning of a hand!

Any terrifying beings don’t like to be disturbed by a Door Ring. As it wakes them up immediately and compels to award the human strangers with the scatter prizes. So, why not put them into a profitable rage then when knocking with all 5 Door Rings giving you up to $100,000?

Moreover, seize hold of 3, 4 or 5 Door Rings at the same time. So that to activate the Free Spins Feature and multiply your total stake by 2, 20 or 200 times respectively. Brave enough for such wicked bonus bestowals? Well, you need to visit Alaxe in Zombieland slots as well. To fill your gambling pants once and for all!

Monsters in the Closet Bonus Game
Monsters in the Closet Bonus Game
Monsters in the Closet Free Spins
Monsters in the Closet Free Spins

Monsters in the Closet Slot Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Yeah, the slots mutants are horrible… But in addition to the usual SCAREmongering, they find a GIGANTIC pleasure in loading you with heaps of cash presents! If they are in a good mood. That’s why, you need to gain their favor playing for real with various bets. The smallest one is equal to $0.50 when you use all 50 paylines but place only 1 penny coin on each line.

The more you put on the obscure line, the kinder the hobgoblins become. That’s obvious, isn’t it? So, how about choosing the biggest bet of 500 coins or $500 that presupposes 10 highest coins of $1.00 to fix? Oh, it’s a spine-tingling guarantee of success. To hit 5 Monsters In The Closet Logos and obtain the top awesome jackpot of 2,000 coins or $20,000.

Monsters in the Closet Slots Bonus Game

Close your eyes after you have the heart to knock at 3 or more dreadful Door Rings showing the brutal faces with the fiery eyes. Oh, they stare at you! To send you into a winning trance for 12 Free Spins! Geez! You will just stand without stirring there while ALL your prizes are tripled! What is more, you may also restart this gorgonizing feature!

Well, what if the gollywogs lock themselves up from inside? In this case, you’ll need to seek out at least 3 Key – Skulls. So that to let yourself in the Monsters In The Closet Bonus. There you can see 5 multicolored doors with the scanks’ names on each of them. Choose the one and reveal the disgusting fiend giving you the Multiplier up to 75x!

Herewith, pulling a door-handle with a jerk… It’s possible to face the Scary Slam icon activating the additional AWFULLY lucrative feature. Oh, watch the scoreboard carefully and try to grab the highest reward available before the time runs out at this Scary Slam Bonus. So, your quick reflexes will come in handy!

Besides, not only the gruesome weirdos but the Atlas image may appear from behind the selected door. Well, what should you do then? Hah! Just step forward into the Destination Bonus. You are offered to put off on a money-making journey there. To get the hidden whereabouts of the sharp-toothed and blood-thirsty beings and receive up to 200x Multiplier for that!

Squeezed in the huge jaws and paws of Monsters in the Closet slots, you can’t wriggle out of the appalling bonuses and jackpots. In no way! So, play nice then and maybe the evil spirits will betray some more malicious secrets about Franken Cash slot machine enshrouded in lavish darkness as well!